EFT Away Day

The brief was to provide a unique experience for the all staff away day and ftw did just that. The teams were met in London and had the unique experience of a private train carriage to take them to the event in Birmingham, ensuring the right tone was set from the outset.

The VOX was the venue of choice for the ETF away day. The VOX venue helps to create unforgettable events that break down convention and get audiences hocked from the moment that arrive.

On arrival at the venue, attendees were met with an abundance of fruit and croissants to set them up for the day.

As part of the day, ftw created unique experiences to ensure each attendee was engaged, including presentations, workshop style craft sessions, photo booths, media walls and small but personal touches that ended to the overall experience.

The day ended with an awards ceremony, celebrating the best from their talent pool and a celebration drinks reception.