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Sustainability is critical to our ethos

We aim to minimise or prevent environmental impact on the planet. Often referred to as event greening, we believe a sustainable event should be planned to consciously reduce waste, single-use items, energy, and carbon that the event normally creates.

At ftw we believe we all have our part to play for our planet. To protect and replenish we try to make our events action orientated towards preserving the natural environment as well as promoting a healthy, inclusive society all whilst supporting a thriving economy,

How we are sustainable

Every live, virtual or experience is different, but our services and your event together can have sustainability at their core. 
From the products we use, to how our services are designed.


Built and delivered with the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity that value each other’s differences and experiences.

Whether we’re finding solutions to reduce the carbon footprint, keeping attendees safe, sourcing responsibly or giving back and serving communities, quality, Integrity and the installation of the best practices are critical in the
ftw way.

Working with you,  we will be able to show you how you and your event can be sustainable, and how you can join the event greening revolution.